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Why do I need a pre-delivery inspection?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Is it a house or a home?

Taking all that emotion out of buying that new property??? I didn’t think so. It’s not really possible. After all, it’s a big risk, a big purchase. Your home, the place you’ll go at the end of the day. The place you’ll relax, the place you’ll love and want to be. This makes it more than a house. It makes it a home. And it’s a very large financial investment. So let’s say there’s a leak under your sink, what happens if one of the plugs don’t work? That will make it very emotional. So now you’re disappointed, upset, or frustrated. You remove all of the items under the sink. You call the builder or plumber. You wait to make dinner or go to work. And you stew. You think “why did this happen”, “is my whole house going to fall apart”, this is not going to help you feel comfortable with your purchase.

Your builder has worked hard to put your home together. It takes a phenomenal amount of coordination to turn an empty patch of ground into a dream house. With so many steps and so many hands, it is inevitable that some things will get missed. Sometimes we find electrical outlets that don't work. Sometimes we find un-insulated attics. These were not done on purpose, they just happen. If you hire an inspector to find the things that need attention, you can put the items on the PDI punch-list (the list of deficiencies generated at the pre-delivery inspection that the builder is contracted to fix), or you will have documentation of the issues and can bring them up later. This helps both you and the builder keep track of the final wrinkles to be ironed out. If there only a few wrinkles, you will gain an appreciation of how well the house has been built.

11-month Inspection

Many of our clients choose to hire us after they move in, but before the standard one-year builder's warranty coverage expires. This has proven to be a uniquely successful strategy. The waiting period allows the newly built house to "settle-in", making a performance-based inspection more valuable.

No matter how you look at it, getting a professional building inspector to kick the bricks of your new home is a must!

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