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Your Home Inspection Service

So you bought or are about to buy a new property? Let’s get this ball rolling!
As a professional home inspection company, our job is to answer “all” of your questions. The most common questions I get asked are “do I actually need an inspection on a brand new home?”, "why do I need a pre-home inspection?".Those are good questions. Great questions actually. I can quickly say an absolute YES! But, maybe we should get into this a little. Let me show you why.



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Personalized Approach

Real estate decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s crucial to take an informed approach. Through this service offering, you can count on me to give you a quick overview of the property. This service does not include a written report or images.

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Committed to Excellence

Throughout many years of providing this service to clients, I have gained the experience and expertise necessary to make this process as seamless as possible. If you have any questions, simply reach out.

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Exceeding Expectations

As one of my most popular services, these appointments tend to fill up fast. No matter what real estate need you have, rest assured that we will provide all the resources and guidance you need to succeed. This service takes the time to teach you all about your new property. From how to take care of your furnace, how do you clean out that vent, and what do you do if that bottle of draino isn't enough!!

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Protecting your best interests

Your builder has worked hard to put your home together. It takes a phenomenal amount of coordination to turn an empty patch of ground into a dream house. With so many steps and so many hands, some things will inevitably get missed. That's why it's so important to get another set of eyes. Also, someone to help be your voice if something has gone wrong.



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